Up In the Air

Here it is, another Quiet Thursday and I stare at another photo on Leanne’s blog. What am I to do, I wonder. Inevitably, I will come across as a dark, depressing person, but I just can’t resist the pull of the atmosphere. Caution out the door, artistic freedom firmly in my grasp, there is only one way out. Please, join me on this winding road paved with Leanne’s photos and my words.


 Copyright – Leanne Cole

Closer to the edge
That is how I feel
Floating  in the air
One more moment to steal

Pulling on my strings
You make me fly and dance
There is an expiring date
On my last chance

It was a fun ride
We made a good deal
You my favorite passenger
Me behind the wheel

Up in the air
Like a frozen plane
That is how I feel
In the eye of a hurricane

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