Little Wanderer

After-Before Friday is a forum hosted by Stacy Fischer on her blog Visual Venturing where every Friday few of us try to explain post-processing and showcase original and processed images. If you are interested in joining us, you can find all the details on her blog.

Last couple of weeks I post-processed the images that were of poor quality, because I wanted to see how much I can improve the images I usually discard. This week I wanted to pick a photo that at first glance I thought didn’t need any post-processing. I was curious to see where it would lead me, trying not to go too far.

Post-processing was done in PicMonkey and all I did was darken it a little bit, especially on the edges, to get those petals and the bee to pop-up more. I also marginally increased the color temperature and the shadows. And that was it, very simple work.


9 thoughts on “Little Wanderer

  1. Very nice job with this image. Even though you only made a few simple changes, the results are excellent. The viewer’s eye goes immediately to the subject. Thanks for porting.


  2. I would agree with Robin S. Kent. You have worked on the photo marvelously. The yellow colour and the bee just strikes out against the dark background.


  3. Love that you’re showing us the use of PicMonkey, Loré! And really love the choices you made with this photo. Great composition to begin with, and the subtle changes in shadowing and color temperature are just perfect. As others have noted, the eye is immediately drawn to the bee and the flower. Thanks, as always, for your great submissions to ABFriday!


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