The Place Beyond the Trees

I believe there are different kinds of photos. And I don’t mean the obvious difference. Most of the photos are just the result of your eye trying to relay something to your brain and vice versa, but it gets lost in translation and we get ordinary images. But sometimes magic happiness and you get the image that time and time again can evoke a peculiar feel, a certain emotion. The birds singing, the shadows dancing, the sun touching your skin…happines, tranquility, nostalgia. This is one of those images – I remember every detail of that moment in time.


This was taken in Parco Sempione, Milan’s biggest park. It is one of the entrances to Arena Civica, a multi-purpose stadium, which hosts football and rugby union games, concerts and cultural events. The Arena Civica opened on 18 August 1807. In the early years of the twentieth century became the center of football activity. This stadium was used by Inter, initially only for the biggest matches and afterwards on a stable basis, from 1930 until December 10, 1958, when the nerazzurri were faced Lyon for the Fairs Cup. During its history it has been used for many kinds of events, including the reconstruction of naval battles; William Frederick Cody (“Buffalo Bill”) twice brought his “Wild West Show” here.

Leanne Cole, a wonderful photographer from Australia, is hosting a weekly challenge on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY called Monochrome Madness Challenge, where she features some monochrome photos from other photographers.

Be sure to check other amazing photos on her blog. If you want to participate, head over there and read instructions at the bottom of the post. I would like to recommend her blog to any aspiring amateur photographer, you’ll find many helpful posts and tutorials, but above all she is very open and friendly person.

11 thoughts on “The Place Beyond the Trees

  1. The photo is brilliant! I will certainly check the link provided in the post as I have just started to love the art of photography. Thanks. 🙂


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