Time for another entry in Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wissof-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. 100 words more or less, inspired by a photo, here we go….


 Copyright – Adam Ickes

The summer she left him, the planets were in a perfect alignment.
“I don’t love you anymore.” she threw at him offhandedly, dragging her suitcase across the living room.
27th wedding anniversary in few days, he is sitting in the corner of the room, surrounded by boxes containing fragments of his life.
“Breathe. Just breathe.”, he murmurs to himself, opening the first box.
Too old to start anew, too young to give up, trying to keep precarious emotions in check, his fragile fingers skim over shared memories.
Reeling with an emotion far greater than devastation, he breaks down and cries.

“Are you still in love with me
Like the way you used to be or is it changing?
Does it deepen over time like the river
That is winding through the Canyon?”


43 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    You definitely captured the heartbreak and defeat of this situation. Been there, cried those tears.


  2. camgal says:

    That was sufficient enough to make me feel heart broken for the poor guy…27 years is no joke. And here I thought love was all in all, apparently contentment is stronger. Nice one.


  3. My goodness, I could just feel the heartache and desperation of this poor soul’s suffering. You did an amazing job at capturing the pain and painting it down the page. Poignant.


  4. Like for so many others – it touched an old chord ! “Too old to start anew, too young to give up” – so much familiar yet so well captured !


    • I think something more permament, loss of faith in yourself. I always felt that devastation was a powerful short term emotion, but many times a slow longlasting fire burns us much more.
      Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment.


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