Tricking Berta To Pose For Me

Now and then I manage to trick Berta to look at the camera. I use different tricks, because every trick works only once. I call her my little sunshine, my violet, lily, kitty, blow kisses at her, whistle, ask silly questions, pretend to be surprised, pretend like someone is coming our way…Obviously, I am running out of tricks. So, any suggestion not involving food would be welcomed.


I tend to keep post-processing simple these days, just a bit of adjusting exposure and softening the image to make it look like it came out of my dreams. It’s just I always dream in colors…and in sequels. But, I never pretended to be normal. 😀

As always, be so kind and check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Tricking Berta To Pose For Me

  1. Adorable! My pup tends to shy away from the camera, she knows even while sleeping when I have the camera in hand… I have to be *really* quiet to get sleeping shots. Food is the main thing for my Basset Hound to get her to respond, would love to have other tricks to get her to look without food too. 😀

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