Instagram Adventure Continues

I took a bit of a break for holidays, enjoyed some time with family and friends. Now that the work started, I am starting to work on my blog, too.

All through the last year I had enormous fun with my Instagram project, taking photos on my morning walks and posting them with minimum processing. December was no exception, I experienced great weather and some pretty amazing mornings.

A professor of mine used to say “It’s all about the details.” and more often than not I can’t argue with that. It is very rewarding when you rediscover an old thing that you’ve been passing by for years.

The gentleness of winter sunrises always leave me breathless, it almost feels like the sun shyly invites you into a new day.

Being the month of December, it was impossible to avoid few Christmas images. But I managed to control myself this time and posted just the few.

Month after month my Instagram project continues only and only because of Berta. She is my driving force for all the morning walks, I don’t think I would be up and about in freezing conditions morning after morning, if it wasn’t for her. And sometimes she gives me the best and funniest images I could ask for.

My Instagram feed was swamped with everyone’s #best16of16, so I had to do it myself. It was interesting to see which images were most popular and I was quite surprised to see almost 10.000 likes. I have such a small group of followers, so that number is pretty amazing.

My Instagram adventure continues in 2017. and as always, you can find me under the nick snowlocked. I would love if we could connect on Instagram, too.



New Old Theme

Monochrome Madness theme for this month is Pets. I checked my past Monochrome Madness posts and was surprised to see how many feature Berta. So this is an old theme for me.

This is an image from last winter, one of the rare moments when she graced me with her attention. Those who follow me here and on Instagram are familiar with her penchant for ignoring my photography attempts, so this was a true success.


I published a colored version of this image months ago, but thought it would be nice to use it for Monochrome Madness.

As always, for additional monochrome images, visit Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts The Monochrome Madness Challenge.



En Garde

What do I have in store for you this week? A pure delight, a little bit of sweetness…my Berta’s best friend, my best friend’s companion, a little rascal called Vilma.  She is always exploring, observing, always on guard and very hard to catch on camera.

I was finally inspired this week to play with the image. A bit of dodging and burning on top of something called The Shock filter lead me to this interesting result. I especially like the texture and details of her fur, almost like a painting.


For additional monochrome images, visit Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts The Monochrome Madness Challenge.


How To Do The Ignore

Presenting the master!!!

Of many talents that Berta just refuses to show to me, one she is very proud of. Somehow she mastered the ignoring technic, refusing to look at me when I am trying to take a photo of her.

Look at her…it can’t all be the coincidence, right?

But to be fair, sometimes she takes pity on me and gives me her adorable smiles…or at least a side-eye.

Just a bit of silliness for Monday…weekend is too far away.



Another month of Monochrome Madness Challenge brings us a fresh theme, this time it is all about Movement.

As many of you with furry friends know, it is almost impossible to capture a quality image when they run and play. It is always blurry, parts of their bodies are missing from the frame, or you end up with dozen of images of their tails. So, I might say I was lucky with this shoot. It is such a silly image, but at the same time the most accurate representation of her character – always a rascal, always seeking attention.


If she could speak, I imagine she would say something like: “Here I am, here! Don’t you worry, my silly human.” or “Whatchadoin?” 😀

For additional monochrome images, visit Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts The Monochrome Madness Challenge.


Many Shades of Love

Recently a colleague said to me something that made me think about our perception of the world around us and our readiness to be the judge and jury in other people’s life.

“I don’t understand how people can have dogs, instead of children.”

How to respond to that? How to stop yourself from saying something rude? How to transfer your anger into sadness for the pitifull, narrow view their life offers?

Few years ago I had a conversation with my neighbour on a similar subject. We were exchanging our experiences about complete strangers insulting us on the street, saying we should walk the children, not the dogs, which by he way happens to me too often. I’ll never forget what she said to me.

“They don’t know me. They don’t know that I lost my child few years ago. They don’t know how their words carved another wound in my heart.”

Why are we so quick to judge other people’s choices, when most of the time there was no choice to make? This “dog” issue I am talking about is such a trivial thing, compared to real problems people face every day. Why is it so hard to accept and tolerate diversity? Race, gender, sexual orientation (or rather nature), religion…how dare anyone demand their way is the only way?


There are many shades of love in my life. Family,  friends, places, even things…This image is another shade of love to me…It is not more, it is not less, it is just that…love.

As usual, for additional monochrome images, visit Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.


Tricking Berta To Pose For Me

Now and then I manage to trick Berta to look at the camera. I use different tricks, because every trick works only once. I call her my little sunshine, my violet, lily, kitty, blow kisses at her, whistle, ask silly questions, pretend to be surprised, pretend like someone is coming our way…Obviously, I am running out of tricks. So, any suggestion not involving food would be welcomed.


I tend to keep post-processing simple these days, just a bit of adjusting exposure and softening the image to make it look like it came out of my dreams. It’s just I always dream in colors…and in sequels. But, I never pretended to be normal. 😀

As always, be so kind and check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.


Fresh Start

After last week’s anniversary edition, we are starting our third year of Monochrome Madness Challenge. And what better way to start than with my favorite subject – Berta.

I took this image on our morning walk for my Instagram project, but decided to convert it into a monochrome version. Sepia works well with this image, it is almost a colorful monochrome.


It is not the best quality image, but I like the composition. Especially her shadow.

Till next week, be sure to check better monochrome images on Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.


Old Times Old Ways

As I said before, inspiration is a strange beast…

I am writing a story about Balto and Togo, two dogs who were a part of the 1925 Nome Serum Run, the famous dog sled relay, composed of 20 dog sled mushers and 150 dogs, which brought initial relief to the citizens of Nome, Alaska, who were being struck down by a diphtheria epidemic in late 1924 and early 1925. Doing the research, I came across some old photos of the sled dogs from 1920s. That gave me the idea to turn one of Berta’s photos into a vintage photo, reminiscent of those times.  Berta being a husky mix made it even more exciting.


The original was taken on one of our morning walks in December, was published on Instagram and featured here as the January Photo of the Month. Post processing was not very complicated, although it involved more than few steps. After converting it to b&w and adjusting the exposure, I softened the far background, which made her stand out more prominently. Playing with different textures actually gave me the idea of the vintage photo. So, I added some old paper texture via PixlrExpress and imported the image into FotoSketcher, where the final conversion step happened.

I like the final result, it does remind me of those old times. Here is an old photo of Togo, so you can make sense of my initial idea.


As I already said last week, our dear hostess Leanne Cole moved her post Monochrome Madness Challenge to Australia Thursday/Europe Wednesday, so I don’t have a direct link to her post. You can check her site Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY tomorrow, where you will find many other amazing entries.


52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 4: Portrait – Headshot

It seems every week I start this post about 52 week challenge with: I had so much trouble….I didn’t think this would be this hard...and so on and so on. 🙂

But it is true! I couldn’t find any human willing to pose for me. So I decided to abuse my Berta and took this image on a Sunday morning while she was resting on my bed.  Can you see how she is trying to ignore me, averting her gaze?

week 4 portrait headshot

I like how this portrait turned out, with her head on the wall and that white space creating a contrast to her. I also used a higher contrast in editing, because I just adore her whiskers or as I like to call them – mustaches.

My next weeks assignment is Landscape: Black and White – Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.  I really hope my next post wont start with I had so much trouble. 😀

This challenge is a part of Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge, hosted on Facebook. If you are interested, it is never too late to jump in and join the fun. Also, you can follow me on Instagram under the name snowlocked, where I post every day.