Manipulating The Light

Here is another experiment with light for Monochrome Madness Challenge. I wanted to create a dark background by manipulating the light while taking an image.

My subject was a wooden calendar, a very practical and pretty thing. I placed it on my white dressing table, in a room with white walls and direct light overhead. So, it couldn’t be brighter. To make things more challenging, I had to take this image with my phone camera, because I had to return a DSLR camera I had on a loan. Never one to back away from the challenge, I held my phone in one hand and pointed a flash light with the other. I noticed as I was changing the angle of the flash light, the lightning of the image was also changing, at some point becoming quite dark.


So I would say the experiment in itself was successful, but I am not satisfied with the quality of the image. If I had a real camera and properly fixed source of light, I think the final result would be much better. But what can you do? You can go to IKEA and buy some flexible floor lamps and try again. 🙂

For the next Monochrome Madness the challenge is to capture some curves. I have some ideas of incorporating my experiments with light into that challenge. I find it very interesting when you plan ahead and look for the subject, it releases so much creativity. I hope you will spare some time to check other MMC entries at Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

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