52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 3: Artistic -Red

For Week 3 the challenge was to “Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative.”

Technically, red is not the entire focus of my image. But I decided to take the artistic licence with this one. There is red and there is a part of the image with red in focus. 🙂 This is probably one of my favorite images I ever took.


Next week in Dogwoods challenge brings us to Portrait: Headshot – You shot a selfie, now shoot a selfie of someone else. Me being clairvoyant, I can see Berta as my victim. Everyone I asked refused to pose for me, so I must take an unwilling subject under my control.

Unless I manage to hypnotize some unexpected human soul…

P.S. Does anyone else finds annoying these WordPress changes, it was so much easier to create new or find old posts before. :/


17 thoughts on “52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 3: Artistic -Red

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Great image, nicely done! As for wordpress, yes, they messed up with their changes that nobody wanted. I think I’ve found a work around, though. When you log in, click on My Sites in the upper left of your screen. I then have to click on Switch Site and click on Photos By Emilio because I used to have other sites. A list will come up, you scroll to the very bottom and click on WP Admin. The old dashboard will come up. Good luckk!

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