One Four Challenge – Fan Favorites

When I started this challenge, one of my goals, besides pushing my boundaries, was to get feedback. It is always useful to know what people think about your work, not necessarily to push you in a particular direction, but I would say, more to use it as frame for your ideas. Aside from comments, I found polls to be very useful. I noticed not everyone is incorporating polls in their final monthly posts, but I find them a nice addition.

Today, I decided to showcase images that got the most votes. It is interesting to see how December was split three ways, or how November Week 4 dominated. It is also interesting to see the number of votes, although each and every is appreciated immensely, it still shows me how long is the road ahead. Also, if you look through the months, last few months the numbers dropped. I think it is the combination of our collective burn-out and of my late arrivals on other blogs. You give and you shall receive.

November Week 4 (14 out of 17 votes)

Week 4

Week 4

December Week 2, 3, 4 (5 out of 17 votes each)

January Week 4 (9 out of 16 votes)

        January Week 4

January Week 4

February Week 2 (8 out of 15 votes)

                 Week 2

Week 2

March Week 4 (9 out of 13 votes)

                Week 4

Week 4

Looking at the results, it seems you like the most my “magical” edits and that gets along with my idea that every image should offer a story.

Next Monday I will offer my final review of the past months of One Four Challenge and I will include the selection of my favorite edits with the poll, asking you to vote for the overall favorite. I do hope you enjoy these posts, although they don’t offer anything new, I tried to show what lies behind the editing process and what hides in the corners of my mind.

8 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Fan Favorites

  1. Another great post! I have lots of favourites from your posts Lore. Wonder if I’ll be able to pick an absolute fave?
    As the challenge grew, its become difficult to get around all the blogs when we’re busy… Perhaps a visit in week 4 might be the answer, when life is full.
    I know Ive said this before… We do what we can 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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