The Winter Is Coming

I strongly suspect many of you just can’t wait for another Friday to creep upon us, so you can see what all the crazy folk at The After Before Friday Forum were up to. I know the suspense is killing your and you want to jump over to Visual Venturing, but I need your attention here.

First a reminder – please take a moment to vote on our ABF poll and help us pick the image all of us will post-process for our 6 month anniversary.

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Now that we are done with formalities, you can take a moment and express your astonishment with my post-processing skills. I assure you it was a difficult and long process this week. It took me forever to choose a photo. The rest was easy.

My best buddy PicMonkey did all the hard work. First I did some cropping. After that I did some more cropping. In the end all that was left to do was some final cropping.

Loré Dombaj after 24

I took this photo last winter, Berta agreed to sit still for 30 seconds. So, I was standing in a snow up to my knees, dangling a dog treat with one hand, while taking a photo with the other. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, nothing did and I ended up with this “from the hip” image. What intrigued me were the details of her nose and whiskers, so I wanted to see how close can I bring it without loosing any quality. It’s Berta and I can’t be objective, I love every single image I have of her. Here it is, for world to judge.Or at least for few lost souls that stumbled upon my blog by mistake. Be kind. And don’t forget to vote!!!

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11 thoughts on “The Winter Is Coming

  1. Love, love, love this photo, Loré! Cropping was a great choice, and with beautiful Berta’s left eye at the top of the frame, gives us just the right amount of information. Inspired. I grin picturing you in the snow, balancing your camera and dog treat 🙂 And hanks for the shout out regarding WEEK 23 VOTING! (I’m trying to do my part too!)


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