My Zombie Bleeding Heart

To be honest, I have no idea what just happened. One moment I was browsing through new posts and the next moment I wrote this. I blame it completely on Leanne Cole and her photo prompt. This photo is phenomenal and what’s even more awesome is the fact that’s her daughter on the photo.


 Copyright – Leanne Cole

You promised
You wouldn’t leave
You lied
You broke my heart

I promised
I would wait for you
I still do
I try not to fall apart

We promised
We’d survive
We’d make it through
We’d make a fresh start

They screamed at us
They burned and stabbed
They pulled our limbs
They tore us part by part

We died but
We came back again
We searched for a home
We thought we were smart

I cried that day
I watched you leave
I was dead and died again
I saw flesh and dust impart

You said to me
You would return
You lied that day
You were eager to depart

What is left in the end?
I wonder as I stand here
With my wedding gown torn
Whit my zombie bleeding heart

I don’t know what is more crazy, that I wrote this in a span of minutes or that I went this crazy zombie road. But I must admit – I had a blast!!!
This song was a response to the photo prompt by Leanne Cole posted on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, be sure to stop by and check all the cool stuff.


12 thoughts on “My Zombie Bleeding Heart

  1. Irena says:

    Odlična ti je ova pjesma, mogla bi čak i reći do sada najbolja. Vidim neku seriju ili film iz nje. A onda New York 🙂


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