Winter Light

Welcome to another Monochrome Madness Tuesday. I am continuing to experiment with light, this time it is a natural light. The original image was almost monochrome, so there was really nothing much to do. I enjoy these kind of images, where I have what I need from the start.

WInter is the perfect time to take some indoor images in my house, because it is the period with the most light. Being surronded by trees is lovely, save for two things…lack of natural light from March to October…and abundance of spiders. This year they picked out my home for their winter resort, I really don’t know where they are coming from.


I must admit this experimenting with light makes me look at this monocrhome challenge quite differently. There are so many possibilites, only if you use a little bit of your imagination.

As always, be so kind and check other Monochrome Madness entries at Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


2 thoughts on “Winter Light

  1. It’s funny how a simple picture evokes a memory. My grandmother gave me a brass owl necklace that looks a little bit like the one pictured here. I hadn’t thought of it in years, brass causing me to turn green when I wear it. The deep shadows cast by the bird and the trailing chains imparts a sense of nostalgia for me–a link to the past captured in black and white.

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