52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 2: Traditional Landscape

52 Week Photography Challenge proves to be a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I thought the hardest part was over when I had to capture a selfie. Alas, this week proved me wrong.

My week 2 challenge was to shoot a traditional landscape, with a nice foreground and the sky. Living in the city, it is not the easiest task.

week 2 traditional landscape

I managed to capture this scene on my morning walk with Berta. Although this is not a traditional landscape, I liked that pop of color. And I especially like those tracks in the snow, how they lead you further in.

This image was taken with my new Samsung Galaxy S6…what an improvement over my old iPhone 4S, I am really enjoying taking pictures with it. It is especially convenient when harsh weather makes it harder to carry and operate DSLR.

My next weeks assignment is Artistic: Red – Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative. I wonder where it will take me.

This challenge is a part of Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge, hosted on Facebook. If you are interested, it is never too late to jump in and join the fun. Also, you can follow me on Instagram under the name snowlocked, where I post every day.

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