We Can Make This World Beautiful

Another Friday, another ABF Forum. This is our second week in our new home, Ben’s Aperature64. It is warm and cozy, with free cookies and hot chocolate, so do not hesitate to join us.



For this week I decided to show the before of an image I published last month, as a part of the post about animals in Milan.  With the help of my editing programs I cleaned this little patch of nature, exposing the beauty that lies beneath.



Since this is a public park and I was just a visitor, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to actually do something about it. When I came back to Zagreb, I cleaned up a part of abandoned public space behind my building and I am planing to do it again and plant some flowers for spring. Neighbours usually look at me like I am crazy, some congratulate me, some smile, but in thirty years that  I am  doing it, not once any of them joined me. But that will not discourage me in my efforts to make at least one corner of this planet beautiful.

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If you are new to the AfterBeforeFriday Forum, hop over to Ben’s blog Aperature64. There you will find all the info you need and all our images in one place.

10 thoughts on “We Can Make This World Beautiful

  1. I think it is good for us all to take ownership of one part of our community or city and clean it or at least keep it tidy. If we all did this then the world would look a lot more pleasant , people would be much happier and the environment would be cleaner.

    I like that you cleaned up the image, the warm tones are interesting although for me make it feel muddy. The bird looks great though.

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