You ask me
Who I want to be?
Dare I return back to see?
Where will I find the roots to my tree?
Am I free?


Tony Maude of dVerse posted an interesting challenge today. To write, how shall I call it?…Once removed Cinquain.

The Cinquain is a five-line poem, invented by Adelaide Crapsey, an American poet. The first and last lines each have 2 syllables, with the intervening lines having 4, 6 and 8 syllables respectively. Tony asked us to write a five-line poem with 3, 5, 7 ,9 and 3 syllables.

I must say this challenge really intrigued me. Since English is not even my second language,  sometimes it is hard to frame my emotions in a more technical verse form. I fell in love with acrostic form and it came surprisingly easy to me. When I read this latest challenge, I thought I might try it.

So, here is my humble offering. I have no idea if it is technically correct, but I gave my best. And if you don’t try it, you’ll never learn it.



How to explain this strange thing that happens once in a while? This quiet obsession with a movie, that lingers for far too long. It lights up your darkest corners, it enwraps your burning soul in a veil of shadows. Fire and ice, darkness and light…they dance a strange dance, coming to the edge, but never going over, fiercely guarding their domain, while trying to dominate one another.

Do you recognize yourself in a story? Do you fight the same demons? Or are you simply touched by exposed flaws of a human being…By his struggle to survive, to feed the beast that roars hungrily in his mind. Are you in awe by this display of a raw talent, in front of the camera and behind. Are you ashamed to admit the truth? For you know you are not him, but you share his darkness. What is this wild thing that has you in its iron grip and doesn’t let you go?

And do you even need to know the answer?



Over at dVerse Brian challenged us to break a form of poetry. This is what I would call a broken acrostic, where the last letter of each line spells out a title of my poem. Hope you enjoy my little exercise in breaking.

      In the end it wont matteR
How we lose our lovE
Once we leave this asyluM
Do not dare to cry for mE
Through my words you’ll swiM
Over my stanzas you will climB
You’ll want me as your heroinE
But I always was your annihilatoR
Isn’t  this life one crazy dilemmA
I find it impossible to fight addictioN
Although your touch leaves me toxiC
And still I thought you’d never break mE





At dVerse, Mary introduced us to a talented photographer and poet named Totomai Martinez. The challenge was to pick one of his photos and write a poem. This one captured my heart and my imagination.

15876939567_3f16bd5c8f_k             Image credit – Halo by Totomai Martinez

Walked out on the ledge
One step too far
My heart upon my sleeve
Burning like a star

                  Let me burn
Let me bring the light
           Just let me burn
And light up the night

Standing on the edge
In a hope of a better day
Looking on the world bellow
Trying to find my way

                  Let me burn
Let me burn so bright
  Just let me shake off
  This wretched plight

Give me the wings
And let me fly
Give me the burden
No tears left to cry

                                 Let me burn
               Let me bring the light
                          Just let me burn
   I am ready for another fight


The Age of Men


What was before us, that we know. What will be after us, that we don’t need to know. But what is now, we refuse to know.

Stubborn little creatures, surrounded by walls we built to protect us or keep others out, we foolishly believe that we are the masters of the Universe. That everything that ever was had only one purpose – to serve us. We are an ignorant species destroying our only home, the only place we are able to breathe, to live.

Right this moment, this is our home. Pale Blue Dot, barely visible from the last image Voyager took before losing us out of its sight, a speckle of dust in this vast space that surrounds us. There are no borders, countries, barriers, visible objects made by us. There is only nature. There is only what was before and what will be after.

Our history is history of violence, there is no denying of that. As long as we use any form of violence to solve problems, there will be no room for our growth. Death sentence, forced animal euthanasia, police brutality, human and animal abuse, occupying countries under the pretence of fighting for democracy, financing military industry instead education and health care, killing in the name of deity, country, flag or holly book…violence begets violence.

Who is at fault, who is to blame? The person who holds a gun, that is where we start. Because if we give up on the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword, maybe that will be the point of no return. Our history is history of violence and it seems as though we are lost children living in a bleak house, our future overcast by our past.

In the great scheme of things, I do belive we will be forgotten. I just hope this planet survives our false reign.

Could someone please turn on the lights?



How To Survive Alien Invasion


1.) Every invasion starts with the recon mission. They are already here. Look around. It’s not your new weird neighbour. It is probably that old lady from the first floor that is feeding you those nice cupcakes. If you ate the cupcakes…so long sucker. If you resisted, go to step two.


2.) Whatever you do, don’t let the old lady know that you know. Because if she knows that you know then they’ll know and all is lost. If she still doesn’t know that you know, move to step three.

Cartoon old lady with handbag

3.) Do not use tin foil hats. I repeat – do not use tin foil hats. It is a less know fact that the firm “Dr. Lauber, Neher & Cie., Emmishofen.” was founded in 1886. by those pesky little bug-sized aliens from Garadian Prime. Tin foil hats do not prevent the mind reading. Garadians just love how silly we look wearing them.


4.) Don’t waste your time and money on a secret hideout full of cans of beans. If they don’t catch you the first day, your farts will probably be a dead give away. Maybe they don’t have a sense of smell or maybe they are deaf. But it can’t be both. No one is that lucky.


5.) If you see a strange hole in the middle of your street, do not go there to check it out. Run. The opposite direction. Preferably not in a streight line on the open field. At least make it a little bit harder for them to evaporate you.


6.) Do not take a selfie while trying to escape the aliens.


7.) Keep calm.  Don’t panic. It would be very helpful if you had loved ones conveniently living few thousand miles away. At least that’s how it is in Hollywood Alien Invasions. Go. Save them.


8.) If you come face to face with an actual alien, cough and sneeze in their direction. Then chill out and watch the impending chaos. So long suckers.


9.) You survived the old lady and the first grounders. Now you need to dispose of their mother ship. Piece of cake. You just need to upload the computer virus into their main frame. How, you ask? How would I know that? Watch “Independence Day”. Research people, research.

independence-day-will-smith-jeff-goldblumAll the above images were “borrowed” without any permission. If anyone wants to sue me, I must disappoint you. Penniless aspiring writer over here, with no valuable possessions.

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To breathe… To live… To believe…


The Daily Post prompt Reason to Believe.

To gather strength and keep going on, no matter what comes your way…
To survive against all odds…
To find a reason to believe in this world of destruction and decay…
It is hard, yet surprisingly simple…Look around, and you will find beauty…In a fragile flower blossoming through the cracks on the pavement…In a song of a bird perched on the branch of the solitary tree in the parking lot…In a child’s laughter echoing through the empty playground…In a kind gesture of a stranger…In a hug from a friend…In a kiss from a loved on.

Where there is life, there is beauty. Where there is life, there is a reason to believe.

Wayward Souls

Roaming the ends of the world
Trying to fill these holes
Seeking solace well deserved
Our tired wayward souls

Looking in the mirror
Not sure what we’ll find
Faces we no longer recognize
Hands desperately entwined

In a blink of an eye
The world around us disappeared
Land and sky turned dark
All was lost as we feared

Forests and mountains crumbled to dust
Oceans vanished without a trace
All that once thrived brought on its knees
All that mattered lost its beauty and grace

Like fools we were watching
Our lives reaching a point of no return
Breaking all that stood in our way
Knowing some lessons we will never learn

Spent our time trying to survive
When in the end only one thing is true
All that I am saying
In the end it’s me and you


I Can’t Stay Mad at the World (Cause in the End, I Love Myself More)

The Daily Post prompt I Can’t Stay Mad at You.

As I sit here and watch people walking by, it seems to me some of us spend our lives riding on the never-ending roller coaster of anger and regret. Like ballroom dancers, we move in circles…over and over again.

If we could turn back the hands of time, would we make the same mistakes? Could we choose a different path? Or should we leave it all behind? Our lives and our choices, every turn we take, opens up a new direction, a new adventure waiting on the horizon. We are bound to each other, from our past to our future.

Where to go when you reach a point of no return? Where to turn when in need of a helping hand? Why do we try to climb walls and forget to knock at the doors? Why do we choke on regrets, when all we have to do is forgive? It is a heavy burden to carry around, trying to remember every single wrong thing we encountered along the way.

They say only fools forgive and forget. I say, only a free soul can do that. If we forgive, that doesn’t make us weak. If we forget, that doesn’t make us fools. We learn life lessons and we move on. And if we are wronged again by someone new, which is bound to happen, it is not because we are fools, but because we didn’t lose our hope for goodness and kindness.

And if that is the price of my humanity, I wholeheartedly accept it. There is too much beauty in this world, to waste the time that is given to us.

The Mission / How Great Thou Art – ThePianoGuys