Instagraming Through May

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for few weeks, wish it was something fun and enjoyble…alas it was work related. But I managed to continue my Instagram project, with images from my walks with Berta.

I was lucky to capture few more dandelions in their ethereal form, before they turn into yellow rascals that defy all hardships. But I love them in both versions.


My little piece of heaven still hides forgotten treasures, like this old rusty nut, half buried in sand. Things with Berta are still the same, meaning she is still ignoring me.

As usual, my botanic knowledge is non-existent, so I have no idea what kind of wild flower this is.


I enjoyed some really beautiful mornings with bright sky and even managed to capture a sunset through some trees. Berta. Still. Ignoring. Me.

This last image was taken on my visit to my uncle and aunt in Bosnia. Their horses are so beautiful and powerful, it was a treat to capture them. Unfortunately, the sun already disappeared, so I haven’t had as much time as I would like.


Well, that was my May on Instagram. I am starting to think you can’t have a serious presence on social media, unless you hire a help. I wonder if anyone has any experience with that?

As always, you can find me under the nick snowlocked. I would love if we connect on Instagram, too!


Missed The Target

I completely spaced out and forgot about our theme for this first Monday of Monochrome Madness. It was supposed to be something about the city. Naturally, I went the opposite direction…hence this image of the horse. But it was taken in my city zoo, so technically it would qualify for the theme…if we stretch it, really stretch it. 😀

If you want to see how everyone else remembered our theme and how my horsey fairs against the city images, check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.


Instagram Was Fun In April

It’s been six months since I started this Instagram project. Half way through each month I question the sanity and the purpose of it, because it seems I am posting the same images over and over again…and the sheer magnitude of the effort that has to be put into social media to get attention is sometimes daunting.

But then the end of the month comes and I put together this post with all the images and I can’t help but think it was worth it…because I remember the time and the place of each and every image I took, how was the weather, what was Berta doing, was I grumpy or in a good mood.
It was a sunny Sunday morning and Berta was chasing birds…and I was captivated by one little dandelion.

Every morning I am greeted by familiar sight, the only place I call a home. I remember people swimming in this river a long, long time ago. I remember saving a drowning dog from this river a long time ago. I remember sitting at the wooden dock last summer.

When I remember to look down, a world of macro wonders wait for me.

But in the end, my morning walks revolve around her…come rain or shine, she always makes me smile. ❤


Although I know one day we will part our ways, her paw prints will forever mark my heart.

Come…follow me on my Instagram journey…just look for snowlocked. I would love to follow you there, too.



Lately I’ve been thinking about moving to Iceland…Is it a home what you are leaving behind or what you are traveling to? Why do we yearn to travel to a distant place, just to miss our old home that suffocated us? How did it feel to leave your home behind hundred years ago, when there was a probability you would never see it again?


This is an image of a walkway in my neighbourhood, where my best friend and I walk our dogs almost every evening for the last 25 years. It is an ordinary place, always busy with other people walking or riding bikes, you hardly notice changes around you, how tall the trees are or that new bench they installed the other day. It takes images like this one to remind me how magical home can be. Funny enough, only after I took the image did I notice there were no people in it.

That would be all for this week’s edition of Monochrome Madness. Till next week, be sure to check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts Monochrome Madness Challenge.


March Madness on Instagram

My Instragram adventure continued through the month of March, albeit with a bit of difficulty. The weather was really awful, cloudy and rainy, just like this first image bellow.


Thankfully, spring decided to show up half way through and my focus shifted from landscape to flowers. Trying to capture macro world with my phone camera proved a challenging thing, but at least I provided some entertainment for my neighbours, squatting and kneeling and almost rolling in the grass.


In other news, Berta is still ignoring my photographic attempts. But if anything, I am persistent.


One of the favorite images of the last month is Berta and Vilma playing “Catch me if you can”. They are just adorable and I am in awe of their friendship. My one and only indoor image is Berta finally posing for me.

And finally, my good old Hendrix bridge…With the daylight savings change, the sun is up much earlier, so that will provide me with quite different images from the fall/winter season.

2016-03-29_1459236545The adventure continues in April, the weather and the light changes every day, it will be interesting to see all those changes in my images. If you want to follow my daily antics, you can find me on Instagram if you look for snowlocked. I would love to follow you there, too.



In constant pursuit of interesting images for Monochrome Madness, I stumbled upon this scene. I find it interesting how you can remember everything about it, years after the image was taken. A warm October Sunday morning, a young man in jeans pushing an old bike, an older man in sweats pushing a new model, different tires, gravel, shadows…there was so much interesting contrast.


Again, post-processing was very simple and it was all about….you guessed it…contrast. 😀 These days I like to discover a quality in my images which don’t demand too much editing. Such a contrast from my early days here. See what I did there… 🙂

As usual, for more excellent entries, tomorrow you can find them over on Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


My February Instagram

I am a little bit late this month with posting my Instagram images from February. The flu left me exhausted and somewhat in a bad mood. The weather is not helping, either. Rainy, cloudy days are following one after another, keeping spring just out of the reach.
Hopefully, sun will find its way through the clouds, making my morning walks beautiful again. For now, here are my February images.


I am still surprised how it all looks bright and colorful on my phone, but here everything is soft and mellow. It gives me a sense of novelty, like a new version of already published images. I managed to capture few precious moments of Berta and Vilma, they always make me smile.

Going through these galleries, it seems I managed to get quite a few sunny mornings in February. Strange, because if someone asked me how was the weather, I would say the entire month was just awful. Goes to show how we tend to linger on bad things, forgetting to enjoy all the wonderful moments.

With days getting longer, I hope to extend my afternoon walks and get a different set of images of those familiar places. With sunsets and bolder colors, different angles, I can’t wait to see what I’ll get.

The “Hendrix” railway bridge is still one of my favorite subjects, I like how all those straight lines and steel make a contrast to soft morning light, abstractness of river and surrounding nature.

I posted only two images so far this month, but I hope to catch up with my regular schedule. Who knew a little bit of flu and fever could leave you so exhausted and spent….If you want to follow my daily antics, you can find me on Instagram if you look for snowlocked. I would love to follow you there, too.



Our theme for this first week of March is Straight. My first thought was a railway bridge in my neighbourhood, the one I am constantly trying to capture in different ways. I think it fits the bill.


Nothing really extraordinary about this image…the sky was overcast, so I had to tinker in post-processing to get some balance in lightning and contrast. Since it was heavily cropped, I needed to soften the image, because it looked a little bit grainy. Spotlight gave me in-depth I was looking for, so I stopped editing then and there.

As usual, for more excellent entries, tomorrow hop over to Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


Morning Light

Somehow, unintentionally, this years Monochrome Madness turned out to be all about the light. Week after week my images focus on natural light, manipulating the light, playing with light…once again it is confirmed that best things come spontaneously.

This sepia image is one of my  early morning images I take every day, while walking with Berta. They are usually bound to be published on Instagram, but I decided to use this one for Monochrome Madness.


After few rainy days, Sava spilled out of its riverbed, as it usually does in rainy seasons. I love little details of this image, the anchor finally touching the water, the half-submerged panel with the instructions for rowboats on how to approach the pier, the fact that I can distinguish where the riverbed sits…

Sitting here and absorbing every little detail, only now can I appreciate the beauty I encounter on my everyday walks. This is just one more added value to the art of photography.

Next week we tackle another monthly theme, this time it is Lines. Again, few ideas are forming in my mind, but it is anyones guess how successful the execution will be.

That is all I have for you this week… for more excellent entries, you can check tomorrow Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


January on Instagram

Expanding your creative horizons can come from so many different directions. There is no real excuse to not challenge and push yourself every day. Because the world is around you, everywhere you look…It is not in a far away land that you dream of visiting, once you find a better job and save some money. The world is at your exposure every morning when you open your eyes.


As you can see, my little Instagram project is still going strong. For almost 100 days I am taking pictures on my morning walks and I am still able to find something new. Weather it is a different subject or a different angle or a different light, I rediscover my little piece of heaven again and again. I don’t think I appreciated the beauty that surrounds me, until I saw all the images together.

There is even a fresh face this month, my best friends dog, a very irresistable Jack Russel named Vilma. Berta and I both adore her, I hope there will be some new images with the two of them. If I am able to catch them in the same frame. 😀

My beautiful railway bridge is officially named “Hendrix”! For over thirty years someone makes a graffiti at the side of the bridge and every time officials paint it over, but soon after the name “Hendrix” is proudly standing again. In the end, urban culture won. There might be hope for us…

I think Berta is warming up to my silly hobby, I managed to get few really beautiful images. She is still ignoring me, but at least she is still. 😛 I am quite taken by the colors in all these images, what a talented artist nature is. Looking at the collection, I am only inspired to continue with this Instagram project. Isn’t that something?

I got a wonderful Christmas present that arrived in the middle of January – Samsung Galaxy S6, the phone with the best camera. What a difference it makes, compared to my old iPhone 4S, a pure joy. You can find me on Instagram if you look for snowlocked, I would love to follow you there, too.

Lastly, I would like to share with you this heavenly piece of music, a beautiful soundtrack for my morning walks.