Horton Hears a Who

Another Tuesday creeped upon me and I found myself searching for an image to play with for this week’s Monochrome Madness. Last few months I was just doing my Instagram project, using my phone camera, so I constantly go back to older photo sessions, trying to find something interesting.

Today I was lucky and stumbled upon this image fairly quickly. I took it two years ago, around this time. It is an abandoned flowerpot in front of the neighbouring building, where all these little succulents grow wildly. I love their little world and I remember I spent quite some time just sitting and observing how they intertwine and reach out.


Editing was very light, just a touch of softness and a gentle vignette. Sometimes, you don’t have to step all over it, just leave it be. I think I might go and look for them again, to see what happened in last two years. Maybe this time I’ll find a hidden world, just like Dr. Seuss described so long ago.

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