If only I knew your love would be unkind,
My unwary heart wouldn’t break in pieces.
But your closeness always rendered me blind,
With each step my tragedy increases.

You punish me for one foolish mistake,
This merciless disdain cuts like a knife.
How it burns to watch you easily forsake
All my love, my years, my wasted life.

The train is leaving, taking me from here.
With every traveled mile, my chains loosen more,
Our three-act play is finally over, dear.

I woke up this morning, first time without a fear,
Without a prospect to be called a whore,
With this knowledge I will not disappear.

This sonnet is another first for me. Inspired by dVerse, I spent last hour reading about sonnets, strict rhyme schemes, octave, sestet, volta, iambic pentameter… These prompts really push me to seek new knowledge and to explore poetry in a sense I never did before. You think it’s all about translating emotions into verses, but then you discover a world of complicated forms and styles that still demand emotion at the central stage. It is a very challenging balance act and I can’t believe I enjoy it this much.