What Lies Beneath


A fellow blogger Adam Ickes posted a challenge on his blog. It seems it is an ongoing challenge, but I just stumbled upon it. The idea is to write anywhere from one to ten six word stories, using all, one or none prompt words by Adam. His latest words are:


Six words story? Really? I must admit I was a little bit baffled. Can I do that? Well, since I am a sucker for challenges, I had to try. So, I looked at his six prompt words and this jumped at me:

The darkness embraced my sinking car.

Who knows, it might be a start of an interesting tale. Now, don’t let me high, don’t let me dry…go over to Adam’s blog and try it yourself.

I will never admit I watch The Vampire Diaries. I just like this song. And it has a scene with a sinking car. That’s all. Really.