52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 1: Self Portrait

I came across an interesting challenge on Facebook. It is Dogwood’s 52 Week Challenge where every week we are presented with a specific photographic challenge. There is a list of all 52 assignments, so it is easy to plan ahead. I thought it would be interesting to participate and try to learn some new things on a weekly basis.

For Week 1 the challenge is Self Portrait. I feel much confident behind the camera, so it was not an easy task.  I racked my brain for five days thinking how to do this, but as in all things in life, I figured out everything is much easier when you smile.week 1 self portrait

Full frontal serious portrait with regular light was so boring, so I settled for my second try, a version of photobombing in a more subdued light. Poor Mr.Bycicle Man never saw me coming. 😀

For Week 2 the challenge is Traditional Landscape – Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky. Well, I can certainly try.

If you think this sounds fun, look for Dogwood Photography on Facebook…And don’t forget to smile!