52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 12: Artistic – Transportation

Well, what else could I post? I just realized that I have a hobby – trainspotting! My railway bridge by itself is a thing of beauty, but to spot a train on it…that gives a true purpose and the value to the bridge.


Next week assignment is Portrait: High Key – Expose to the right and create a light, airy high-key portrait.

I have no idea what that means, so I have my work cut out for me. And what’s with all the portraits??? It is so hard to find someone willing to pose, including Berta. Actually, she’s the worse. Hopefully, something will come up.


My February Instagram

I am a little bit late this month with posting my Instagram images from February. The flu left me exhausted and somewhat in a bad mood. The weather is not helping, either. Rainy, cloudy days are following one after another, keeping spring just out of the reach.
Hopefully, sun will find its way through the clouds, making my morning walks beautiful again. For now, here are my February images.


I am still surprised how it all looks bright and colorful on my phone, but here everything is soft and mellow. It gives me a sense of novelty, like a new version of already published images. I managed to capture few precious moments of Berta and Vilma, they always make me smile.

Going through these galleries, it seems I managed to get quite a few sunny mornings in February. Strange, because if someone asked me how was the weather, I would say the entire month was just awful. Goes to show how we tend to linger on bad things, forgetting to enjoy all the wonderful moments.

With days getting longer, I hope to extend my afternoon walks and get a different set of images of those familiar places. With sunsets and bolder colors, different angles, I can’t wait to see what I’ll get.

The “Hendrix” railway bridge is still one of my favorite subjects, I like how all those straight lines and steel make a contrast to soft morning light, abstractness of river and surrounding nature.

I posted only two images so far this month, but I hope to catch up with my regular schedule. Who knew a little bit of flu and fever could leave you so exhausted and spent….If you want to follow my daily antics, you can find me on Instagram if you look for snowlocked. I would love to follow you there, too.



Our theme for this first week of March is Straight. My first thought was a railway bridge in my neighbourhood, the one I am constantly trying to capture in different ways. I think it fits the bill.


Nothing really extraordinary about this image…the sky was overcast, so I had to tinker in post-processing to get some balance in lightning and contrast. Since it was heavily cropped, I needed to soften the image, because it looked a little bit grainy. Spotlight gave me in-depth I was looking for, so I stopped editing then and there.

As usual, for more excellent entries, tomorrow hop over to Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.