O Minion, Minion! Wherefore art thou Minion?

It’s Friday, time for a new post in After Before Forum, a weekly challenge hosted by Stacy Fischer on her blog Visual Venturing.

Short on time, I started to panic. What to do! What to do! When facing the problem, enlist the help of minions!!!

Loré Dombaj after 16
It’s a bit of a cheat this week, because the original image was shot by my best friend, but I liked it so much and asked her if I could use it.
Loré Dombaj before 16
Very simple post-processing, usual stuff I do in PicMonkey – cropping, tinkering with brightness, shadows, saturation and temperature. In the end I just added a little bit of dark edges.

Oh, how I wish to have my private army of minions!!! We wants it! We needs it!