In constant pursuit of interesting images for Monochrome Madness, I stumbled upon this scene. I find it interesting how you can remember everything about it, years after the image was taken. A warm October Sunday morning, a young man in jeans pushing an old bike, an older man in sweats pushing a new model, different tires, gravel, shadows…there was so much interesting contrast.


Again, post-processing was very simple and it was all about….you guessed it…contrast. 😀 These days I like to discover a quality in my images which don’t demand too much editing. Such a contrast from my early days here. See what I did there… 🙂

As usual, for more excellent entries, tomorrow you can find them over on Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


Sunday Flea Market

I had a fabulous weekend! The weather was wonderful, sunny, warm…perfect for wandering around and taking photos. I spent my Sunday morning on our biggest flea market and it was a blast. For the first time ever I tried shooting from the hip and got some interesting images. People are so much more relaxed when you are not pointing the camera at them. I really hope to return again there, it seems I got a little bit addicted to this photography thing.

This is my first gallery, finally figured out how to lay it out in WordPress. It’s horrible how lazy I am, it took me months just to look for the info how to do it. You can’t see me, but I am standing in a corner right now. 😀 Small steps, small steps…