Introducing – Louise Tate Illustration

You know how when you start watching YouTube videos, you just can’t stop. Video after video, you discover new exciting music. I like to call that “Accidental discovery”. It seems the same is happening to me with discovering artist through Facebook, one leads me to another.

Louise Tate is children’s Artist and Illustrator and by her own admission “Lover of cheese!” .
birthday partyMiss. Tate has scribbled, scrawled and painted ever since she could wield a pencil and brush, developing a passion for painting and drawing very early on as a young child.

rhinosShe has been lucky enough to study both Zoology and Illustration at degree level, live in the most amazing places (South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore and USA) and work with some wonderful publishers, greetings card companies and individual clients.

penguinShe’s also been fortunate enough to have been highly commended in the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Illustration four times in three years and to have work selected for the Illustrators Showcase exhibition in London in 2013.

the blue treeLouise and her family now live in Shropshire, UK and she has no intention of moving again for a while.

acrobateOn balancing work and family life: “Working from home has its challenges, not least the clutter that appears to accumulate, but it does mean I can juggle work and children. Developing new ideas while spending time with the family (they are a great source of inspiration) means I have the opportunity to be in control.”

sausage tief“Along with my studio space (a converted bedroom), the internet is vital. A third of my sales go overseas and a large number are repeat customers. My art work is a little quirky and unusual and although I sell prints, the brand isn’t just the art work, it’s also me, so I feel it’s incredibly important to communicate with my customers as much as I can. “bedtime story“The rise of social media has meant I can really engage with them and they can see that I’m passionate about my work. I spend a great deal of time listening to what they say and share images of work in progress, from initial sketches to finished pieces, enabling customers to feel part of the process.”


When not drawing or painting she can often be found chasing rabbits out of the garden or trying to come up with a recipe for Jerusalem Artichokes that actually tastes nice! Louise has an impressive portfolio of stockists developing in the UK and beyond.

dog chewing newspaperPlease, check Louise Tate’s website Louise Tate Illustration and Facebook page Louise Tate Illustration for more information.

All images are courtesy of Louise Tate and are published with permission.