Introducing – Helen Godfrey Wire Sculpture

Several weeks ago I introduced on my blog the fabulous work of Robin Wight, who then introduced me to the fabulous work of Helen Godfrey.

Helen - owl spread
Helen Godfrey initially began using galvanized wire as an armature for her papier mache work, for which she won a bursary from Dorset Arts and Crafts in 1997.
Helen - ducks and fox
With no formal training in the arts, Helen crafted her original work in papier mache in her home.
Helen - badgers
From early beginnings, she continued to experiment and was asked to exhibit her work at garden openings and craft exhibitions.
Helen - chicken
One day at a craft fair, she realized that people were more interested in the wire shape support than the papier mache itself.
Helen - mouse
A few commissions encouraged her to continue, and she went on to create a whole menagerie of wire animals and birds, and has recently moved onto human forms.
Helen - rabbit
Wire is a notoriously difficult material to work with due to its inflexibility and strength.
Helen - ducks
Helen has since developed the wire as an art form in itself, with inspiration for her work coming from the surrounding wildlife where she lives in rural Dorset.
Helen - guinea
She has exhibited at garden openings, undertaken commissions for gardens across the UK & abroad, and also had work featured in publications such as The English Garden magazine and Dorset magazine.
Helen - owl
Helen also teaches wire sculpture workshops at Walford Mill in Wimborne, Dorset.
Helen - elephant
It seems Mrs.Godfrey encountered the same problem as  many fellow artists before her:
“Dear Me,
Please stop making things that I don’t want to part with.
Yours sincerely Me”
Helen - dancing rabbits

Please, check Helen Godfrey’s website Wire Sculpture by Helen Godfrey and Facebook page Helen Godfrey Wire Sculpture for more information.

All images are courtesy of Helen Godfrey, and are published with permission.