52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 18: Artistic – Texture

There are monsters living in my neighbourhood. How else can I explain gigantic leaves that I stumbled upon in the field behind my home? I don’t think I really noticed before how huge they grow, like a mutant cabbage leaves. Wonder what that is? Hope it is not carnivorous. 😛

Back to the subject of this weeks Dogwood Challenge. The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image. I think I got close to it, at least I got close to those leaves. See, I live on the edge. 😀

week 18 artistic texture

Again, I skipped the week…and it was an easy one – Urbanscape. It seems I’ll be doing another Cathcing up post soon.

For the next week the challenge is Portrait: Messy – Take an amazing portrit of someone, make a mess while you are doing it. That should be a piece of cake, the messy part. 😀