Connections…life is full of connections…even if you don’t look for them, they jump out of nowhere. I went to our local flea market on Sunday and one of the first photos I took was this one. I was accompanying my friend and her sister, trying to get some interesting images of people and all the crazy things they are selling. This card was just laying there, discarded, forgotten. I thought it would be a good image, in a place full of people trying to sell anything and everything, this little card represented such a contrast. Just as I was preparing to take a shot, my friend’s sister stepped on it, adding even more drama…Discarded, forgotten, invisible…And the biggest irony of all is that she makes her living by reading tarot cards…One card for the money, one for the road…So you see, there are connections even if you don’t look for them.

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Sunday Flea Market

I had a fabulous weekend! The weather was wonderful, sunny, warm…perfect for wandering around and taking photos. I spent my Sunday morning on our biggest flea market and it was a blast. For the first time ever I tried shooting from the hip and got some interesting images. People are so much more relaxed when you are not pointing the camera at them. I really hope to return again there, it seems I got a little bit addicted to this photography thing.

This is my first gallery, finally figured out how to lay it out in WordPress. It’s horrible how lazy I am, it took me months just to look for the info how to do it. You can’t see me, but I am standing in a corner right now. 😀 Small steps, small steps…