Winter’s Elegy

Time for another entry in Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wissof-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. 100 words more or less, inspired by a photo, here we go….


 Copyright –  Sandra Crook

Come to me run to me
My long-lost child
I can still warm my bones
Remembering the way you smiled

This year we’ll have
The most beautiful tree
In the middle of the woods
My imaginary you and me

I found some lovely trinkets
Down by the Crimson creek
We can fix and hang them
On a Christmas tree next week

We’ll sing and dance
Later I’ll watch you sleep
The memory will fade away
But nobody will see me weep

Lost and forgotten
Invisible one more year
I’ll wait for death to visit
Heavy with regrets but with no fear