Over at dVerse Brian challenged us to break a form of poetry. This is what I would call a broken acrostic, where the last letter of each line spells out a title of my poem. Hope you enjoy my little exercise in breaking.

      In the end it wont matteR
How we lose our lovE
Once we leave this asyluM
Do not dare to cry for mE
Through my words you’ll swiM
Over my stanzas you will climB
You’ll want me as your heroinE
But I always was your annihilatoR
Isn’t  this life one crazy dilemmA
I find it impossible to fight addictioN
Although your touch leaves me toxiC
And still I thought you’d never break mE





At dVerse, Mary introduced us to a talented photographer and poet named Totomai Martinez. The challenge was to pick one of his photos and write a poem. This one captured my heart and my imagination.

15876939567_3f16bd5c8f_k             Image credit – Halo by Totomai Martinez

Walked out on the ledge
One step too far
My heart upon my sleeve
Burning like a star

                  Let me burn
Let me bring the light
           Just let me burn
And light up the night

Standing on the edge
In a hope of a better day
Looking on the world bellow
Trying to find my way

                  Let me burn
Let me burn so bright
  Just let me shake off
  This wretched plight

Give me the wings
And let me fly
Give me the burden
No tears left to cry

                                 Let me burn
               Let me bring the light
                          Just let me burn
   I am ready for another fight