You Know Nothing, Snow

It shouldn’t be this hard…choosing an image for Monochrome Madness. And still, some weeks I find it almost impossible.

This week I put all my money on drama. The original image was taken on a sunny mid-day, very bright, full of sunlight. So, I went the opposite direction. I forgo the details, sharpness, clarity…everything…just to create this dark, Gothic image.
When I look at other images, I see people putting so much effort in improving, making something better, creating a visual spectacle. I am just trying to create…nothing more, nothing less. Half the time I don’t even know where I’m going, I just push the corners of my little box, stretch my imagination…hoping I will lend on my feet. I never see my images as finished, they are all half-way there, suspended in air. All I can hope is I will learn something new.

Because, if I am being honest…I know nothing.

This image is my entry to Monochrome Madness challenge hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.


Just a Little Bit!

It’s Friday! And among many good things that Fridays usually bring, one is the AfterBeforeFriday Forum, hosted by our dear Stacy Fischer on her blog Visual Venturing.

I promised myself I’d be good this week, trying to keep my imagination in my little box. I  wanted to show that I can take images that don’t need a heavy hand in post-processing.


No cropping, imagine that! I really took my time to take this photo, trying to get the symmetry. But me being me, I forgot to bring down the ISO, so it turned out too bright. I slightly adjusted brightness and contrast, just to make it a little bit sharper. And that was all. You see, miracles do happen.


P.S. I just couldn’t resist, so I created another after, with a little sparkle of drama. I cropped the original ever so slightly, to make it more tight and then I went wild. Just a little bit. o_O


The image was taken last May in Milan, Italy. If you didn’t guess already, it is the famous Duomo di Milano, the fifth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in Italy.

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That’s it for this week, enjoy your weekend.


Duomo di Milano

Leanne Cole, a wonderful photographer from Australia, is hosting a weekly challenge on her blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY called Monochrome Madness Challenge, where she features some monochrome photos from other photographers.

Be sure to check other amazing photos on her blog. If you want to participate, head over there and read instructions at the bottom of the post. I would like to recommend her blog to any aspiring amateur photographer, you’ll find many helpful posts and tutorials, but above all she is very open and friendly person.


For this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge I picked the photo of Milan’s cathedral, Duomo di Milano. This Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete, from groundbreaking in 1386. to its completion in 1965.

It is a truly humble feeling to stand before the fifth largest cathedral in the world. You look up, and up, and up until you feel your neck will snap. And there it is, touching the sky, within your reach and yet so far away.

Milanska katedrala kolaž 3

I love churches. For me, they represent human triumph in art, architecture, physics, engineering and imagination. It is a constant reminder of people and times long gone, of hardships and perseverance. My love and respect grew even more after I read Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. And although fiction, it made me realize how much effort and years of hard labor was put in all those beautiful buildings. So, my perspective changed considerably, no more do I see just an impossibly tall building, I see thousands of details – exceptional quality of masonry, ingenious engineering of arcs, meticulous care for details.

Milanska katedrala kolaž 4

As someone who is not a religious person, I often wonder wouldn’t our world be a better place if we put that much effort in building schools, but I can’t deny the importance of sacral architecture – historical, economical, artistic, and sometimes even the political one.

Milanska katedrala kolaž 2