Lightning the Curve

For the first Monochrome Madness of February the challenge was to capture curves. Since I am on a mission to experiment with light, I decided to work those two together. I can finally say This one was easy….I had no trouble with this image… 😀

The crime scene: my dressing table (which lately serves as a perfect surface for my little photographic experiments)
The victim: my antique tea-cup (which I bought over eBay and waited for two months to arrive, thinking I was duped)
The camera: Samsung Galaxy S6 (still in love with it)
Additional equipment: the pocket flashlight (a gift from my 92-year-old neighbour)


The process: I placed the tea-cup on my dressing table and carefully positioned the flashlight behind it. There was some messing around with paper cutouts, but I lost my patience and threw those on the floor. After I carefully arranged all that, changing the position of the flashlight few hundred times, I started to jump around with my camera, trying this and that, that and this…in the end, I found this particular composition to be the best ever.

Post-processing was very simple. There was no need for cropping, just a slight adjusting of exposure. One final touch was a gentle pink hue, I felt it added to the overall softness and the romantic atmosphere of the image. I hope you like my final result, would love to get some feedback on my experiments with light.

In other news, I finally bought Creative Cloud membership. Now all that I need to do is find some time to dive in and explore the mysteries of Lightroom and Photoshop. Help? 😛

In other,other news, our dear hostess Leanne Cole moved her post Monochrome Madness Challenge to Australia Thursday/Europe Wednesday, so I don’t have a direct link to her post. You can check her site Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY tomorrow, where you will find many other amazing entries.