I am continuing with my series of macro images of random objects, experimenting with backgrounds and light. I find it very inspiring and perfect theme for Monochrome Madness Challenge. Going through my drawers, I never know what forgotten object I will stumble upon and breathe a little bit of life, if just for a moment.

This tinny clock offered some good contrast, demanding minimum effort to set up the stage. Just a little bit of polishing and playing with the right amount of Orton effect, to get that nice softness and balance.


For more interesting monochrome images, I recommend a visit to Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts The Monochrome Madness Challenge.


By The CandleLight

For this weeks’ Monochrome Madness, I decided to present this image, another experiment with the light. This time it was a candle light, by accident.

In the evenings I like to light up candles in my home, I find that gentle light very calming. As I was watching something on TV, I noticed how this clock looks really beautiful under the candle light, with interesting shadows dancing on its surface. So, I grabbed my phone and took few images, changing the position of the candle, to change the light and the casting of shadows.


In post-processing I played with dodge and burn, adjusting the light and dark parts once again. Doing that, I realised I was adding some more contrast, which I find very interesting… The way you can manipulate the image, using so many different techniques to get to the same result.

That is all I have for you this week… for more excellent entries,  you can check tomorrow Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.