52 Week Photography Challenge – Week 6: Artistic – Candy

I skipped last week’s challenge, black and white landscape. I just couldn’t find anything interesting to capture and there was no time to travel outside the city, in search of something that would fit the idea I had. Figured it was best to skip and come back to that particular challenge later in the year.

I was looking forward to this week, because – candy!!!! The biggest challenge was to take some photos before eating the props. Thankfully, I did not succumb into temptation, so here is the result.

week 5 artistic candy

I am so happy that once more my experiment with lightning worked. Idea came to me when I was in the store, picking what to use. Placing tinny raspberry candies on a mirror was the easiest part. Finding a good spot in my house was a bit difficult, so I ended up running with the mirror full of candies from room to room. Again, my pocket flashlight came to use and it was not very hard to get the lightning right. The hard part was again balancing my phone in one hand and the flashlight in the other, causing the image to be a bit blurry. That is the most disappointing part.

Well, you deal with what you have. I ordered a mini tripod for my phone, hoping that might make things easier. I also risked and ordered a set of lenses on eBay, I think the price was around $8,00. It looks hilarious, like a clip-on you can put on your phone. I will report on that as soon as it arrives. I am sure all this looks like a waste of money for most of you, but a real DSLR is still not a possibility for my budget.

Next week I need to deal with another kind of portrait: Faceless – Tell someone’s story without showing their face. I already have an idea, so half the job is done. It is always easier when you have a notion of what you are going to do.

This challenge is a part of Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge, hosted on Facebook. If you are interested, it is never too late to jump in and join the fun. Also, you can follow me on Instagram under the name snowlocked, where I post every day.