Demon’s Berceuse

Starry_Night_Over_the_Rhone    Vincent Van Gogh – Stary Night Over the Rhone, 1888.

When you think about your childhood
You remember the monsters under the bed
Some would whisper others would shout
You tried to fool them by playing dead

Once you wailed in your nightmares
But there was no one there to save you
Drowning in a sea of gasoline
Left alone to fight your way through

I am your personal demon
My dark embrace is all you wish
It’s hopeless to fight fire with fire
You better keep me on a leash

All you have is your reflection
Watching patiently from the dark
Cold steel comfortable in your hand
Why do you hesitate to leave a mark

Once the memories begin to fade
Solace will find a way back
Nothing in this world will ever break you
You will tame me and I will fade to black

We both know I am your favorite demon
So ask for all you wish
But know you’re playing with fire
Better keep me on a leash

Weekly Writing Challenge Oh, The Irony

Imprisoned In A Dream

Roger Charles Desoutter 1923 - British  Maritime paintings - Tutt'Art@ (6)  Roger Charles Desoutter

Trapped in a safe harbor
Longing for shores to disappear
Free me from the anchor
Take me out from here

Caught in  mooring lines
I must get up for air
Too tired to find
My way out from there

Swimming for too long
Trying to stay afloat
Take me out to sea
Lift the sails on my boat

Far away from here
Back to the open sea
I need to roam
Where once I was free

Spot me in the offing
Watch me soar to the sky
Dance with the Zephyrs wind
Just let me fly

Wild Heart

  the-white-flower  Georgia O’Keeffe – Jimson Weed 2


There was a wild lily
Hidden in my garden
A magical thing to behold

It whispered to me
The promise of tomorrow
As my heart turned cold

It taunted and played
Turned and returned
Like a dancer on a stage

I watched and longed
To taste its freedom
Sorrowful bird in a cage

It danced through the summer
Swaying and swinging
Changing the shades over time

How I wished I could trade
My blues for all the colors
My downfall for nature’s prime

Harsh winds broke its stem
Withered petals flew away
Evanescence revealed in a defeat

Watching a wild thing disappear
Made me yearn for freedom
Sparked my wild heartbeat

Northbound Train

This is my new try at acrostic form, a contribution to Daily Prompt challenge – Opening Lines.

N ever before would I admit
O ne could be such a fool
R eeling with too much emotion
T itanium heart once so cruel
H umbled by your love
B ending and breaking so much
O nce I was a raging storm
U nfazed by a world in my clutch
N ow just a simmering coal
D ying without your touch

T ime to right the wrong
R ailroad will lead me to you
A lways knew you were strong
finally know what is true
N orth is where I belong

It always happens the same way. I stumble upon a piece of music and I become so captivated, almost a prisoner…I remember years ago when I first saw “North & South”, adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s love story of Margaret Hale, a middle class southerner who is forced to move to the northern town of Milton. I fell in love then and there with the series and especially with the enchanting music of Martin Phipps.

When I read The Daily Prompt “What’s the first line of the last song you listened to (on the radio, on your music player, or anywhere else)? Use it as the first sentence of your post”, I thought to myself: “What to do if there is no words?” In the end I decided to play around and use the title of the piece for my acrostic poem.

Well now, I’ll leave you to my words and I am going back to listening and dreaming.

One More Day

pollock.number-8Jackson Pollock – Number 8, 1949.

Pick it up
Start all over again
Pick yourself up
It wont be the same

You can still be
What you always dreamed
Break the hard surface
Your past sins redeemed

Close your open veins
Stop wasting your blood
Don’t let my shadow
Drag you through the mud

I can still remember
The words you said
The day you met me
“I would rather be dead”

Do you remember
The words I said
The moment I met you
“Tomorrow is a day I dread”

The pills I cling to
Refusing to throw away
Those are my falling grace
Will I see another day

So pick it up
Pass me by without a glance
Pick yourself up
You still got one more chance

Worlds Between

Sometimes you are unprepared for a sudden burst of inspiration and you dive into a pool of sadness, that you avoided for a long time. Today I read a post that reminded me of a friend  I lost 17 years ago. It was a terrible loss that left me with too many unspoken words. It’s hard to understand when someone takes his life, but it’s even harder to accept that it was nothing you could do. Still, I miss him dearly…


When I look back
Before all this
I often wonder
What did I miss

Did you ever think
I could save you
In the end
Did I betray you

With every memory
Heart skips a beat
How can I ever
Get used to it

It’s been too long
Since we last spoke
Who knew it would cut deep
Your last stupid joke

My lost little boy
With your smile so blue
I’ll do what you couldn’t
I’ll forgive you

I am under that same cloud
Where our smiles used to be
Regretting unspoken words
Wondering who will forgive me

Bird of Prey

74244199_72     ©Asher Svidensky 2014.

We are strangers now
When once we were friends
You forgot  I gave you shelter
And now my touch offends

 I watch you standing there
Some things are hard to believe
Too weak to encourage your escape
In my arrogance I grieve

Ruffle your dirty feathers
Spread those rusty wings
Stand on a precipice’s edge
Don’t fear what the future brings

Love can be so violent
I’d do anything to make you stay
  It’s hard to accept the revelation
That you are a bird of prey