Better Late…

I needed some time away from my computer and it took me almost two months to come back. But I continued my Instagram fun, taking pictures on my morning walks. This set of images is from April, when the sun was still soft and gentle.

Spring was in full swing and I was surrounded by flowers.

I’ll have to wait for autumn to get these kind of images again, these days the sun is too high too early.

Macro world is charming as ever and I was lucky enough to stumble upon slowly moving creatures, the only kind that has patience for my photography attempts.

One side of my bridge is irresistible at dawn, while the other shows its glory when the sun hits hardest.

My dearest companion was very patient with me and graced me with few poses and even a smile. One of my favorites is the early morning landscape with her in the middle, what a beautiful morning that was.

As always, you can find me under the nick snowlocked. I would love if we could connect on Instagram, too.


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