Change Your Heart, Look Around You…

Still on track for Monochrome Madness Challenge, I found this weeks subject on my bathroom window. Finally a plant survived in my household! Not only that, she is in full bloom. I bought a cactus last year and poor thing was dancing on a precipice leading to afterlife, but she survived. Maybe there is hope for me…


The stage remains the same, week after week. Black background and a flashlight. Unfortunately, the lamp I bought in IKEA is not giving me a good light, so I am stuck with the flashlight…at least until I figure out where to find different bulbs for the lamp. Playing with light was challenging and fun as usual and after some 20 shots, I finally settled on this image. Post-processing was minimal, these days I try to do all the hard work in setting the scene.

For more interesting monochrome images, I recommend a visit to Leanne Cole’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY, where every Wednesday she hosts The Monochrome Madness Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Change Your Heart, Look Around You…

  1. Love the one you selected for this post – even though my mind wonder what the 20+ other photos looked like!
    And those IKEA lamps are tricky – I like the look of their items but find it hard to find replacement stuff and well- glad your flashlight does the job

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