Instagram…I’ve Been Good

Since I basically failed my Instagram July, this month I put some more effort and here are the results.

The summer is slowly burning out and I am back to enjoying my mellow morning walks with much gentler sun…it shows in the colors. I got to spend some nice time down by the river, every weekend felt almost like a vacation. And after two years I finally managed to capture that heron…she (it must be she) has been avoiding me for so long, flying away just as I would set my camera. But no more! 🙂

Macro world offers some more surprises with flowers and plants that are not familiar to me. I especially like those little green bells, cute as a button. It is embarrassing how little I know about flora…plants and trees are a mystery to me.

And finally, Berta in a million different poses…she was very disappointed those ducks in last image got away from her. She surprised me this summer, not one dip in the river…probably saving her energy for our vacation on the Adriatic coast.

I think I did good in August…and with autumn approaching, I hope to get more interesting images from my morning walks. It will be fun comparing them to last years autumn images. I wonder if the colors will be the same…

As always, you can find me under the nick snowlocked. I would love if we could connect on Instagram, too.

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