Infinite Degrees of Difference

Time for another entry in Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. 100 words more or less, inspired by a photo, here we go….


 Copyright –  Roger Bultot

She never cared much for the view. The cables, rusty antennas, dirty windows and worn down facades were an irritating reminder of her robotic legs and half-burned skin.

Its been months since she last went out, crossing paths with the neighborhood kids. Cruel as only children can be, they threw rocks at her, splitting the skin of a barely healed head wound. Unfazed, she just stood there, a sad mixture of metal and blood.

It took her months to transform the legs into a pair of wings. Standing on the ledge, the world below faded away as she leaped.

Finally back into the folds of Friday Fictioneers…and it feels so good.

45 thoughts on “Infinite Degrees of Difference

  1. Now that’s a pretty remake of the ugly duckling story. I liked it, especially the added social commentary that we need to start thinking now about the rights of conscious machines in the future

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  2. What a beautiful story! And there’s so much depth in it, so much back-story that’s just hinted at. I love this deeply sad, but beautifully written sentence:

    “Unfazed, she just stood there, a sad mixture of metal and blood.”

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  3. I have often wondered sometimes just how much we know of people underneath. The story leaves a lot to the imagination. Well done, Loré.

    Five out of five ratchet wrenches. 😉

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  4. I worry when things are as bad as they are today, that they’ll just get worse in the future. Communication between parents and children seems to be breaking down. We also have to remember we are the examples for our children. I cringe when I see some of the adult behavior occurring these days. The words “love your neighbor” are being trampled under foot. Well done, Lore. —- Suzanne

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