52 Week Photography Chellenge – Catching up

I started this year with an interesting project that I stumbled upon on Facebook. Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenge came with the list of assignments for the entire year. I thought that would be a good way to improve my photography skills. As in all things in life, the beginning was fun and easy, but as the weeks came and went, I started to miss few steps.

The thing is, I was able to photograph a specific scenery or a subject, but just had no time to post-process it and publish. Since I am on a mini vacation, I decided to catch up on some of the weeks I missed.

Week 7 was all about Faceless Portrait, trying to tell someone’s story without showing their face. I had a great idea of takin a family photo of my friend, uploading it to my iPad and capturing her holding the photo.
week 7 portrait faceless

Week 10 assignment was Portrait: Environmental – showing a subject in their natural habitat, a place of work or hobby. Although this is an old image from my 2005 Vienna trip, I thought it would fit perfectly into week 10.


Week 14 demanded a zoomed in Landscape. I must admit I had the most fun with this image, trying to put a focus on the castle, blurring the middle of the image and bringing back to focus the mountain in the distance.


Week 15 was all about Metal. I managed to stumble upon some rusty screws that were discarded under the railway bridge I walk under every day. I like the rust and the colors…and the contrast of human-made objects with the nature.
week 15 artistic metal

Finally, Week 16 presented me with the challenge of capturing a moving portrait. Perfect subjects came into my frame, Berta and Vilma chasing one another. Although the image is blurry, I am happy that I managed to capture such a nice composition of two running dogs.week 16 portrait movement

So, I managed to catch up with most of the challenges, with only four left that I skipped. Hopefully, I will soon find an inspiration and complete those weeks. For Week 17 the theme is Urban Landscape and I truly belive it shouldn’t post any serious problem to capture it.

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