March Madness on Instagram

My Instragram adventure continued through the month of March, albeit with a bit of difficulty. The weather was really awful, cloudy and rainy, just like this first image bellow.


Thankfully, spring decided to show up half way through and my focus shifted from landscape to flowers. Trying to capture macro world with my phone camera proved a challenging thing, but at least I provided some entertainment for my neighbours, squatting and kneeling and almost rolling in the grass.


In other news, Berta is still ignoring my photographic attempts. But if anything, I am persistent.


One of the favorite images of the last month is Berta and Vilma playing “Catch me if you can”. They are just adorable and I am in awe of their friendship. My one and only indoor image is Berta finally posing for me.

And finally, my good old Hendrix bridge…With the daylight savings change, the sun is up much earlier, so that will provide me with quite different images from the fall/winter season.

2016-03-29_1459236545The adventure continues in April, the weather and the light changes every day, it will be interesting to see all those changes in my images. If you want to follow my daily antics, you can find me on Instagram if you look for snowlocked. I would love to follow you there, too.

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