Lightning the Curve

For the first Monochrome Madness of February the challenge was to capture curves. Since I am on a mission to experiment with light, I decided to work those two together. I can finally say This one was easy….I had no trouble with this image… 😀

The crime scene: my dressing table (which lately serves as a perfect surface for my little photographic experiments)
The victim: my antique tea-cup (which I bought over eBay and waited for two months to arrive, thinking I was duped)
The camera: Samsung Galaxy S6 (still in love with it)
Additional equipment: the pocket flashlight (a gift from my 92-year-old neighbour)


The process: I placed the tea-cup on my dressing table and carefully positioned the flashlight behind it. There was some messing around with paper cutouts, but I lost my patience and threw those on the floor. After I carefully arranged all that, changing the position of the flashlight few hundred times, I started to jump around with my camera, trying this and that, that and this…in the end, I found this particular composition to be the best ever.

Post-processing was very simple. There was no need for cropping, just a slight adjusting of exposure. One final touch was a gentle pink hue, I felt it added to the overall softness and the romantic atmosphere of the image. I hope you like my final result, would love to get some feedback on my experiments with light.

In other news, I finally bought Creative Cloud membership. Now all that I need to do is find some time to dive in and explore the mysteries of Lightroom and Photoshop. Help? 😛

In other,other news, our dear hostess Leanne Cole moved her post Monochrome Madness Challenge to Australia Thursday/Europe Wednesday, so I don’t have a direct link to her post. You can check her site Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY tomorrow, where you will find many other amazing entries.

9 thoughts on “Lightning the Curve

  1. Very nice, beautifully lit shot! I did’t realise Leanne had moved to weds/thurs, that explains why I can’t find her MM post! Thanks for the update and good luck with the CC membership, I’ve had so much fun since starting mine, its far too easy to get lost in the black hole that is the world wide web looking for how to videos though! 😉

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