My favorite Friday challenge featuring my favorite living being! Can it get better? Of course it can, especially if there is a cup of hot chocolate involved. 😀

Loré Dombaj ABF72 before

Last Saturday it finally snowed. Some people like snow, some don’t. People with dog companions, especially those that have some husky blood in the mix, know what kind of happiness snow can bring.

Hence the smiling dog. Berta loves snow so much, I am seriously contemplating moving to Iceland…or Greenland…or Laponia…

Loré Dombaj ABF72 after

In post-processing, I wanted to bring focus on that smiley face. Few steps involved cropping, sharpening, adjusting exposure…Touch of vintage photo filter, merged with the original image and voila! Flying, smiling Berta!

Don’t forget to check out other participants of ABF on Ben’s blog Aperature64.


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