Still Having Fun on Instagram


Above are my most liked nine images on Instagram for 2015. Bearing in mind I started posting in November, I was very pleased to see how well my work has been received.

Bellow you can find all my Instagram images from December. All 36 were taken in my neighbourhood, mostly during my morning walks.

My favorite subjects are the same as for November, Berta and the railway bridge.

It can be challenging to find different things to photograph, but on the other hand that makes my walks even more interesting.

Berta still gives her best to ignore me, but I gave up on focusing only on her, I just try to make her the part of the image. That approach gave me some nice images.

One problem I have with Instagram images is they look so nice on my small phone, but once I transfer them to my PC, they are grainy and blurry.  My iPhone 4 camera is so outdated, but hopefully that will change in the near future.


I still take photos and process them within Instagram settings and filters, posting them the minute I take them. It is so liberating not to fuss over them. The one exception is the space ship in the gallery bellow, my friend hijacked one of my images and played with it.

This last set of images was taken on the last week of December, I just can’t believe the weather was so nice, the morning skies were beautiful.

I am continuing to post images on Instagram every day,  still enjoying it very much. If you want to look for me, search for snowlocked. Till the next time…

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