For this week’s Monochrome Madness I’ve chosen the image from my last month’s trip to Prague. I thought about how it was nicely framed, there was no need to crop the image. So, I played with it and explored framing some more. For me it works because of the vintage treatment of the original, I enjoyed turning this into an “old photograph” version.


I still haven’t gone through my other images from that trip, I can’t believe how time flies. I thought I’ll have more free time to sort and reorganize many things in my life, but I am having trouble with that. My head is full of plans and projects, but they are still just sitting there. One good thing is that I am managing to post an image a day to my Instagram account. It is challenging to find interesting things on my morning walks with Berta and not to repeat myself.

December in Monochrome Madness will be just that, completely maddening. There will be a different theme every week.

1st week of December the 2nd – Bells
2nd week, December the 9th – Santa or Elves
3rd week, December the 16th – Angels
4th week, December the 23rd – Christmas where you are

I’ll need to go out and find something interesting to photograph, my biggest challenge is finding some bells. I know there are many variations on that subject, but I would love to photograph big, church bells. Well, I have my work cut out for me, for sure.

As always, be sure to check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. for other amazing entries.

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