Head In The Clouds

November theme for Monochrome Madness Challenge is “Clouds”.

Such a whimsical subject for any photographer. They can be too bright or too dark, overblown or overcast, barely there or too much to handle. But they can be so beautiful, in countless shapes and sizes, colored with every color of spectrum.


I went for a bit of drama, with this dark, stormy image. I didn’t even convert it to black and white, this is an actual capture. If you look carefully, there is a patch of pale blue in the middle of the image. I cropped it panoramically and softened a bit, to get a slightly ethereal look.

December theme is “Bells”, which means that I have to go out and search for bells. I don’t think I have a single image of it. So, quite a challenge this time around.

As always, be sure to check Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. for other amazing entries.

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