My Favorite Subject

I don’t know about you, but there are places and things I love to photograph over and over again. Although they might look the same, I find them different every time I return.

There are some derelict little houses and wooden shacks in my neighborhood with roofs covered in moss. It is interesting to observe the changes throughout the seasons, from green abundance to dry patches.
Loré Dombaj ABF66 before
I took this photo last Saturday. It was a splendid autumn day, full of sun. One minute I was cleaning my apartment and the next one I was running out with Berta and my camera. Just couldn’t resist all the fabulous colors I saw from my window.

I love those shadows playing on the roof, combined with the moss, there is an overall sense of softness and mystery. I half-expect some little creatures to yell at me, asking not to invade their privacy. My imagination is running wild, constructing a story about this little village and all the people who hide in their moss-covered houses.
Loré Dombaj ABF66 afterAnother simple edit, I think all the challenges in last few months drained me of my craziness. Cropped it a bit and strengthened, Orton did another magical job with colors. I am always surprised how well Orton can work on specific images, like this one, adding the softness and the glow, but not pushing it overboard.

A new moment in post-processing happened this week. I edited the image on Tuesday, leaving it to rest for a day. But I kept thinking that something was missing. Out of nowhere, without even looking at the image ( I think I was driving home from work), I had that Eureka moment. 🙂 I just knew I had to add the parallel vignette, to somehow compress the image in the right way. Overall vignette would suffocate it, but this way I got what I wanted, opening the image and leading the eye up and above.

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We are skipping next week’s ABFriday in favor of Stacey’s One Photo Focus. Since I decided to take a break from OPF, I will probably publish my own ABFriday.

Please, be so kind and check other participants and all the information about the ABFriday Forum on Ben’s blog Aperature64.

I wish you a Happy Halloween, a great weekend and lots of opportunities for great photos.


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