October One Photo Focus – Summertime An’ The Livin’ Is Easy

First Friday of October is here, meaning it is time for another edition of One Photo Focus. For new faces with question marks above their heads, all of us merry people edit one and the same image and share it with the world on the first Friday of the month.

For this month we were lucky enough to edit this lovely image from Michelle Lunato. I think it is a gorgeous image, reminding me of those beautiful summer afternoons, when the sun is just as it is supposed to be, nice and mellow.
Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus

This month I decided to share all the steps, which I usually skip (because I forget to save mid-steps 🙂 ). My first step was to up clarity and sharpness, which worked nicely. Next was adjusting saturation and temperature.Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus1

I liked the warmer tones, but it was overall too yellowish. So, I used gradient filter. Actually I used two, light blue and pink, which gave me what I wanted, improvement on the sky and especially toning down of the sun reflection in the water. Also, I cleaned up that bottom left part of the image, I just didn’t like those little foam patches.Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus2

When I achieved the overall clearer, but softer looking image, I stepped away. Taking my own advice, I returned the next day. In my last month’s One Four Challenge journey, I experimented with the Dodge/Burn tool and I liked how you can manipulate the image. So, this time I used the Dodge tool and lightened some parts, the main building, the stretch of the beach on the right of the building, boats and even those buildings and that beautiful tree in the far background. Also, upon observing the image, I noticed how I missed that little flair/spot near the sun, so I removed it.Michelle Lunato October One Photo Focus3
Finally, we arrive at the end of my editing process. Again, I stepped away and returned after few hours. Looking at my previous edit, I decided it was too dark, for a shade or two, so that way my last adjustment, fine tuning the exposure. Oh, and I cropped it at the bottom. So, I guess that way my last adjustment. 🙂
Loré Dombaj ABF61 Michelle Lunato October One Photo FocusI am curious to know what you think about my editing process. See, I can learn new things and work more seriously…I know, I am shocked as you are. 🙂 All jokes aside, I am very pleased with Michelle’s image, it was a real joy working on it.

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As always, you can check works from other participants on Stacy’s blog Visual Venturing and checking tags ABFriday and OnePhotoFocus in your Reader.

One last thing – as of last month we changed the host for our other ABFriday challenge, where we edit our own images. Ben graciously stepped up and is doing a wonderful job. I would love if we could see more faces there, our numbers dropped and I am not happy about it. I know sometimes all this blogging is too much, but if you could dedicate at least one more Friday every month to our little community, that would be awesome. First Friday of the month is reserved for One Photo Focus, but other Fridays are open for your own images. It doesn’t have to be all Fridays or always the same Friday, just remember that we are there and we care. 🙂



10 thoughts on “October One Photo Focus – Summertime An’ The Livin’ Is Easy

  1. I adore your edit. It is quite lovely and I appreciate all the steps too, which is something I need to work on myself. (I too forget to record my steps as I go.) Funny that I didn’t even notice the beach on the right side of the photo? I had to do my edit on the JPEG as my software does not like this particular Cannon camera. So, I never even thought about lightening that dark area. Wow! Now I can see what I missed. Thanks for wonder edit. It was a pleasure to have you work on my photo and give it the honor of being on your page as well. Thanks again:)

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  2. Getting all serious on us now Loré? At least you have some chuckling minions at the bottom of the page, phew! Seriously, thanks for sharing your editing processes, I liked that you went back after a day, when you do that its amazing what you’ve missed from the first time. Well done! 🙂

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  3. Okay, I’m coming late to this party, Loré, and it took me getting on a 5-1/2 cross-country flight to get the time to play catchup with 😉 So getting serious, huh? But not serious enough to not include those adorable minions 😀 But I digress!

    I really like the color tone you gave the image and that you opened up the shadows to show the beach detail. It’s always amazing what can be recovered in a RAW file! I also think your method of stepping back a few times is a really good habit to get into. I can get so absorbed in post-processing that I lose my initial vision. Coming back to it the next day will either lead to “what in the heck was I thinking” or “okay, I can work with this”!

    Thanks for mentioning Ben’s stewardship of ABF. I have been conspicuously absent there as well and at least want to catch up with commenting and lending support. Once I’m finished with October’s 1PF, I plan on paying Ben a visit!

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    • I was very inspired to take a more natural, moderate tone this time. The image is so beautiful, it took me back to lovely days of summer.
      I am trying to do that more, step away and take some time to evaluate my editing skills.
      As for ABF, I am traveling to Prague, so no images from me for the next two ABFs. But I hope I’ll get some interesting images in Prague to share with all of you.
      That city is one of the great loves of my life, can’t wait to visit again.


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