Jisei For My Tired Soul

 Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the Moon

The moon my lover
My one faithful companion
Welcomes my tired soul


It’s been a while, my fellow dVerse poets…but it is always a pleasure to be in your company. Today the challenge is to write a Jisei.

“In ancient Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures, a practice was used at the time of death to capture the last words spoken. This practice was called jisei (in Japan) or death poem and is the “farewell poem to life.” Jisei was written by monks, samurai, the literate and poets of these cultures. Jisei was written in kanshi, waka, and haiku. Not all death poems are haiku. However, they are all in the short poem style (tanka). Kanshi is the Japanese word for Chinese poetry.” – by Gayle

Hope my haiku follows the traditional form, I welcome any correction or advice. Since it is already late in the evening, I will be sure to check all of your entries tomorrow and over the weekend.

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