Every Step Holds a Story

Inspiration is a funny thing. You sit at home and wonder what you gonna choose for your next Monochrome Madness, because you already went through all the images twenty-seven times. And it’s hot outside, you really don’t feel like going outside.

But you have a dog. And she is wagging her tail and looking at you in that funny way, you just can’t resist. So, you go out…and just for fun, you take your camera with you. Even though you don’t think you’ll find anything interesting. Because, it’s hot and you are going to the same old place.

You go down to the river and sit on the dock. It is not so hot here, the water and the breeze offer comfort. Your silly dog takes a dip and gets you all wet, but you don’t mind. It is a beautiful day. No care in the world. And suddenly, this little duck appears, swimming around, not really caring about you or your problems. Yes, inspiration is a funny thing.
As always, be so kind to check other great entries in this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge on Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY.

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