It is Monochrome and It is Madness

The theme for the August Monochrome Madness was bridges. So, I waited for the last possible minute and went down to the river to take some photos of the nearest bridge I could find. Because I am that lazy. 😛 You can find the original color version in my yesterday’s post Down By The River, along with a short history of the railway bridge.

Editing was a road to madness, because the original image was taken on a very sunny Sunday morning, but for some reason I decided to transport it into the night. There is this interesting “space” overlay in PicMonkey, that I used few times before. Once you place it, you turn the image once more to black and white, remove the white spots (I think those are supposed to be galaxies far, far away) from the parts of the image like the bridge and the river and play some more with the exposure. It could almost pass for a night image. I said almost. 😀
The theme for the September Monochrome Madness is Urban, whatever that means. I’ll need to invest some time in streetstyling…or I’ll just go outside my building and sit on the curb, hoping to catch some interesting image. I am thinking about entering a photographic contest “Moving through my city”, that is a part of the project “Sustainable Urban Mobility in Zagreb”. Since I am using my bike to move around, maybe I could focus on that.

As always, be so kind to check other great entries in this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge on Leanne’s blog Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY

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